About Our Company

TriStar offers a wide selection of quality firearms for hunters and recreational shooters alike. Many of our products offer multiple functions and save the consumer time and money when looking for a new firearm. In this day and age, finding a company that can provide valuable products at a fraction of the price of competitors is not easy. TriStar does not stop there. We have a dedicated customer service department that will ensure you are happy with your TriStar firearm for many years to come. It is not hard to see why TriStar Arms is widely becoming known as THE VALUE EXPERTS™.

Why a TriStar Shotgun?

TriStar Arms provides a wide selection of firearms, each bearing exceptional quality and reliability. Our top management team has over 40 years experience and travels the world to bring the best possible price to our consumers. We work very closely with our factories to ensure excellence. When this is combined with dedicated customer service, it is not hard to see why TriStar Arms is known as THE VALUE EXPERTS™.

Our Exclusive 5-Year Warranty

TriStar’s Five Year Warranty is specific to the function and operation of the guns offered under the TriStar Arms license. The warranty does not extend to obvious abuse or misuse of the firearm or if the firearm is used for any purpose other than hunting, competition or sporting situations. Over the last few years, TriStar Arms has aimed to bring new and exciting products to the table. With a market that is always changing, being able to adapt to what the consumer demands is always important. That is why TriStar Arms prides itself on being an industry leader in innovation and design.

Note: The TT-15 Trap line carries a 3-year warranty.