Basic Troubleshooting

Proper maintenance and use of quality gun oils and lubricants will deter breakage and ensure longevity of the firearm.

Most new firearms (Shotguns) will require a break-in period. It is recommended by TriStar to shoot heavy loads during this time. Please refer to the manual or contact Service Department with questions.

There are a few light target loads on the market that do not function very well in semi-automatic shotguns. (Some of these loads will say this directly on the box of shells). TriStar recommends using a minimum 12ga 2 ¾” 1 1/8 oz. @ 1250 FPS. 20ga 2 ¾” 7/8 oz. @ 1210 FPS. Anything lower has a varying effect on function.

Ammunition Recommendations

There are a few light target loads on the market that do not function very well in semi-automatic shotguns. (Some of these loads may say this directly on the box of shells).

Once the firearm has gone through proper break-in procedure the below ammunition specs are our minimum recommendations.

12GA – A minimum 12ga 2 ¾” 1 1/8 oz. @ 1250 FPS or 12ga 2 ¾” 1 oz. @ 1290 FPS Anything lower has a varying effect on function.

20GA - A minimum 20ga 2 ¾” 7/8 oz. @ 1210 FPS. Anything lower has a varying effect on function.

410 – We do not recommend usage of Noble Sport (NSI) or PMC brands of ammunition. Due to potential reliability issues.

*Boss Ammunition has not been tested for proper function in our firearms at this time*

Viper Max Operation

The Viper Max Shotgun will have two gas pistons. One “Heavy” load (Installed from factory) & One “Light” Load located inside the front part of forearm.

The Heavy Load gas piston is recommended for 3.5” shells.

The Light Load gas piston is recommended for 2 ¾” & 3” shells.

When shooting 2 ¾” shells be sure to have the light load piston installed and have a shell with a minimum of 1 oz @ 1290 FPS or 1 1/8 oz @ 1250 FPS (dram weight 3 1/4). Anything lower will have a varying effect on function.

The split ring inside forearm holds the extra gas piston in place. If this ring comes out while removing gas piston, please re-install inside forearm. Installing split ring over magazine tube will cause cycling issues.

Shipping Instructions/Procedure

All firearms must be shipped to us prepaid. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT COLLECT SHIPMENTS. TriStar is not responsible for shipping to the repair facility.

FIREARMS MUST BE SHIPPED UNLOADED. Double check the chamber of your firearm before shipping.

Be sure to enclose a letter stating your name, address and telephone number, serial number. Please indicate the issue experienced or work required. Include specific ammunition used while experiencing the issue. Simply stating defective or repair as necessary is inadequate information. Be specific and enclose copies of any previous correspondence. Work (other than warranty repair) will bear a minimum labor charge of $30.00.

Please do not ship the firearm solely in its original box. It is recommended that you insure the shipment with the carrier, TriStar is NOT responsible for LOSS or DAMAGE during shipment.

Where do I ship my TriStar Firearm if it needs to be repaired?

Before sending your firearm for repair, you must first complete a service request form. Once you have submitted the form, please print the confirmation page and include it with your firearm when sending it in for repair. 

Firearms with the completed service request form can be shipped to:

TriStar Arms

Attn: Service Department

1618 Linn Street

North Kansas City, MO 64116

Where can I purchase parts for my TriStar firearm?

TriStar Arms is a repair/warranty facility. Parts availability will vary between make and model. To check on parts availability and price please contact our Service Department. When contacting TriStar Arms, it’s important to have the Serial Number of the firearm before calling or emailing.

How do I tell the difference between all my choke tubes?

There are notches on the top of each flush fitting choke tube, Rings if the choke tube is extended. These notches or rings will identify which choke tube is which.






What choke should I use if I am shooting steel?

Do not shoot steel through anything tighter than a modified choke. Steel is much harder than lead and does not deform when passing through the choking system. If you’re using slugs, we recommend using at least the Improved Cylinder choke tube.

TriStar is not liable for damage caused by shooting steel or slugs through chokes tighter than recommended.

What kind of choke tubes does my TriStar shotgun use?

Most TriStar Shotguns use the Beretta®/Benelli® Mobil Style choke tubes. You can purchase extra choke tubes through our Service Department by calling (816) 421-1400.

Can I shoot both 2 3/4 and 3 shells if my barrel is stamped 3?

Yes. Anytime a barrel is stamped 3″ it will be able to shoot both 2 3/4″ shells and 3″ shells unless otherwise stated.

Service Department Hours

Our Service Department is open Monday – Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you are trying to reach us during non-business hours, please click here to fill out a form or email us directly at

We’ll return your inquiries as quickly as we can.