For years, TriStar Arms has been recognized as a manufacturer of quality shotguns at value prices, and in 2012, they introduced their first line of handguns. In 2013, TriStar will add to the list of pistols for personal defense and target shooting in both 9mm and 40 S&W.

The pistols will be available in a blued, chrome or polymer finish, and will be offered in a variety of series based on the frame, length and weight. Each gun will have a double/single action, a rear snag-free dovetail sight and fixed front blade sight.

“We are excited about the opportunity to launch a new line of firearms with the TriStar name engraved on them. We are proud of our products and will deliver the very best in function,” said Gus Bader, owner of TriStar Arms. “All of our pistols have been tested in every stage of production to ensure quality and reliability.”

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, TriStar Arms is a primary importer of quality Turkish shotguns and handguns. The company is driven by the same mission that it set out on since its inception – to provide high-performance firearms for hunters, recreational shooters and home defense at a fraction of the price and to deliver fast and friendly service at all times. Every firearm that TriStar Arms imports is rigorously tested throughout each stage of production to ensure that its customers receive value that can be passed down for generations.